We are Linda and Laurie Jonas, a couple passionate about the heritage of the British Isles.

To this end, we have been lucky enough to have travelled extensively throughout England, Wales and Scotland visiting a diverse array of historical sites. Each site has been documented and photographed by us to form the basis of this website which, hopefully, can be enjoyed by the thousands of people who are not in a position to experience such wonders for themselves.

Thousands of miles, and hundreds of hours, have gone into this project and our first major adventure began in 1998 when, having purchased a motorhome, we completed a three month tour of Britain to explore some 60 medieval abbeys. The thrill of actually discovering the ruinous remains of a once magnificent monastic building in some remote area of the countryside becomes very addictive. Standing amongst fragmented foundations, and the scattered stones that formed these impressive structures over 800 years ago, your senses become attuned to the spiritual way of life endured by those dedicated monks.

Motivated by these major architectural wonders, our second excursion included cathedrals and manor houses - a natural progression, as several abbey churches found a reincarnation as a cathedral, while many others became incorporated in comfortable residences following Henry VIII's Dissolution.

Since then, whenever we have travelled to UK destinations, our priority has been to fully investigate the area for 'historic interests'. From cairns to castles, piers to priories, cliff railways to royal palaces and just about anything in between - if there is a story to write, and a photograph to take, you will eventually see an article appearing on this website.

Although this is our passion, and our hobby, we do hope that you find it represents an accurate and professional account of the sites listed. We appreciate that things change, and we endeavour to maintain and update our records on a regular basis. However, if you are aware of anything on the site that is not current or correct, we would really appreciate hearing from you. We can be contacted at: info@theheritagetrail.co.uk

Being completely independent The Heritage Trail receives no financial support or sponsorship. If you would like to make a donation and help us continue this project, please click the Paypal button below. Thank you.

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