Industrial Heritage
Two hundred years ago the British Isles would have been a serious competitor in any branch of industry, but that situation has gradually changed with the developing world. Now too much of our landscape is littered with disused mines, silent mills, empty factories, and the ruinous remains of once thriving plants. Fortunately, recent trends have been to preserve our industrial heritage and re-package them as working museums to give future generations the opportunity of realising who put the 'Great' into Britain.

Wool and woollen cloth was the principal industry of England for centuries (even as far back as the Bronze Age), and this was superseded by cotton at the end of the 18th century. But coal, tin, lead, clay, steel, and more would feature on the regular exports list. From textiles to traction engines, bobbins to bridges, or waterwheels to workhouses, there is a fascinating past to be proud of, and learn about.

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The Iron Bridge, Shropshire
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The Iron Bridge
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