Military Heritage
Many countries have experienced internal unrest at some time in their past, and Great Britain is certainly no exception. Its turbulent history has seen battles between the Irish and the English, the House of York and the House of Lancaster, the Royalists and the Parliamentarians, and Jacobites and Hanoverians. Some of these bloody disputes were settled by a full-scale coming together of troops on one site, but most consisted of a series of rebellions and military operations on a countrywide basis. Today, relatively few of the significant battle sites are marked with some kind of memorial or plaque.

From the time the Romans first landed on British shores our island has lived with the constant threat of invasion, although the last successful invader was William the Conqueror in 1066 (some would argue William of Orange but he was 'invited'). Since that time, varying types of fortification have been created around the coasts to repel further invasions from the Spanish, French, Dutch and, most recently, the Germans. Most of the earlier fortifications have been classified as castles, but this section deals specifically with those constructed from the late 17th century onwards.

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