Miscellaneous Heritage
As 'heritage' is a generic term for all things from the past, we have created a miscellaneous category for structures and properties that do not easily fit within one of the 15 main categories on the website - in other words, we do not want to exclude quirky and interesting heritage simply because there is no clearly defined slot for it.

You will eventually find medieval buttermarkets, village stocks and whipping posts included alongside WW2 bombers, memorials, statues and follies. There will be examples of street furniture - post boxes and telephone kiosks being obvious contenders - sitting comfortably next to the old Crystal Palace, and the remains of Bishops' Palaces.

In fact, the only restriction for this category will probably be time - there is just too much 'miscellaneous' heritage out there for us to investigate!

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Red 'Jubilee' Telephone Box
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K6 Red Telephone Kiosk
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