Seaside Piers
The British seaside appears to have retained a special magnetism, and this may have something to do with the fascinating structures made fashionable by the Victorians. Piers were designed to be as individual as the character of the particular resort where they were placed, but the primary function of most of them was to provide an area for 'promenading' or 'taking the air'. Later, they were adapted to incorporate landing stages for the increasing paddle steamer trade. At the beginning of the 20th century there were some 100 piers dotted around our coastline, but the number surviving to the present day has dwindled to just over half that number.

During the last 20 years some have been splendidly restored while others await funds for restoration work to begin. Sadly, there are a few that will disappear through dereliction if urgent attention is not given to them soon. The framework of many piers show incredible engineering skills, and provided a perfect feature for lavish embellisment by 19th century entreprenurs. Our piers are a unique legacy, quintessentially British, and oozing with nostalgia.

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Penarth Pier, South Wales
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Penarth Pier
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